License releasing


I’ve got 2 x licenses for ni mate and cloned a drive so i can have a replica of my installation/other software.

I’ve now hit a problem where on the 2nd mac it brings up the option of start free version, but also deauthorise computer… I’m trying to deauthorise on the cloned 2nd mchine so i can enter the 2nd license, but its failing. Is there a prefs file or something that i can purge so that it can be installed from scratch?


Could you include a screenshot?

On Mac the files you need to delete are ~/Library/Preferences/com.delicode*

You probably will have to boot the Mac after deleting these files as occasionally they appear to be cached in memory or something along those lines.

Note that by deleting these files some stored settings are lost.


all fixed :slight_smile: cheers, clearing the prefs sorted it. thanks