Live motion capture and object interaction with Blender + Ni-Mate


Apologies about the delay in responding!

We’ve been really busy with a project we’re working on and, unfortunately, at this time I simply don’t have the time to investigate the standalone player. I’ll try to take a look at your blend file when I have some time for it, but I can’t promise this to be soon.


Hi Jesse
Thanks for the reply. We found that there must be some glitch in the retargeting method which prevents the character from moving in the standalone player.
The bunny example obviously uses a different method which allows it to move in the BGE. We ended up taking the armature from the mocap example. We then had to add control bones to correct the scale and orientation of the armature.
Perhaps it would be helpful for me and others to know whether there is something in the script that causes this problem? It would certainly be more practical to be able to use the retargeting method in the BGE.