Malware in NI mate

Hi, I am a passionate 3d world and I love Blender and ManuelBastioniLab, and now I want to discover my love for delicode or mate, but there is a big problem and the problem is that the delicode neither mate 2.14 is infected, it has malware !!! and it is so that every time I installed it disconnects the USB ports and that prevents me from connecting my Kinect sensor, and I had to format my system to recover the ports, here I leave you the link of the contaminated file: https : // please fix it to continue enjoying these wonders that you do … Thank you !!! and congratulations …

Hello, first of all I want to congratulate you for the great work you do and thank them for the attention you gave me when they answered me. Essentially what I need for the ni mate 2.14 to work with my kinect are the USB ports, USB ports are disconnected (root concentrators, in device manager) I controlled them at the time of installation as one by one deactivates them and there is no how to recover them, unless you re-install the operating system, (win 7 x64): By the way … I have an intel core two quad with 4 cores and 4 gb of ram plus a video card 1 gb nvidia , (gt 520), and what I say is that the child is matted with malware because in addition to the matte 2,14, the previous versions scanned with “virus total” and all versions prior to 2.14 result in the presence of different malware, with the exception that version 2.14 and 2.13 disconnect USB ports. Ultimately what is worrying me is that more than a month ago I am in the intense search for software that I interpret the action through the kinect and export it in BVH, I never imagined that it would be so, but so complicated achieve those simple steps, because I have downloaded several software that seen in the respective tutorials all work very well, but I always lack something so that they do not work … I write from Argentina, thank you very much, I hope you can help me, a hug…!!! Question 1: why does the ni mate 2.13 and the 2.14 cancel my USB ports? Question 2: can you give me the file ni.mate / bunny.config ?, because in the address given in a tutorial, for my search engines that address does not exist or mate does not exist. This blender file tries to follow the movements but it does not work either: Delicode_NI_mate_Mocap, why?

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Could you tell us which virus scanner it is that discovers malware in NI mate and what type of malware it is? You may also send us a direct email to

NI mate does a few things that potentially be considered suspicious by the most aggressive scanners, including spawning child processes and sharing memory with them using the shared process memory, hard drive and GPU memory, as well as downloading new components from our website.

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I have tried to install Ni Mate on three different computers. Two Alienware desktops and one ASUS laptop. It disabled the USB Ports on all of them.