MIDI MAPPING rotating and panning



I would like to map absolute rotation and panning (like shift+click&drag left mouse button) to MIDI
is that possible?
(I´m using touch OSC)

for me it seems that only the v-rotations are mappable and the absolute rotation-wheels have no MIDI-learn …

2nd problem: OSC receiving is greyed out. Is that because I have no license? Touch-OSC is up and running and recocnised by other aplications

3rd problem:
I tried to start MIDI mapping
seems to work ok, but the size parameter of the geometry
e.g. the count parameter is recognised by zvector and performs as expected
but the count parameter is recognised and mapped by the software, but the midi signals don´t move the slider
is that bug or a problem on my side?

(PS @ the delicode-dev:
did you see my mails and facebbook-messages concerning my payment problems? please get back to me, I´d like to buy! thanks guys)


This isn’t currently possible. Only the controls listed in the camera controls (yaw / pitch / roll / zoom /FOV) are MIDI mappable.

This is a trial limitation.

I tried this and the control seemed to move as expected. Could you supply a video where you map the count parameter as well as the size parameter?

I believe you and Julius already handled this over the support system?


Hi Jesse,
thanks for the clarifications!
The midimappingproblem was on my side.
Now all problems are solved and I did my first successful show with ZVector - Awesome!
In conjunction with MAGIC , that I´m using for some years now, it´s pure awesome³
Thanks again and best