Multi players tracking by multi kinects

Suppose we need several Kinects for players that can move freely and be tracked(labeled) in a larger area, so how do we make sure that player2 is still player2 after he gets lost in Kinect1 and captured by Kinect2 which has no one captured before player2, or has more that 2 people captured before player2 appearing in, and player2 is still labeled player2.

Thank you for the amazing work.


Apologies about the delayed response.

This is not possible. The tracking done by each Kinect is done independently of any other Kinects and there isn’t a certain way to make sure that indexing for users remains consistent. However, if some errors are acceptable, you can change the user indexing to be distance based. In this case, each Kinect assigns users an ID based on how close to the sensor they are. If your users remain at roughly the same distance at all times, their IDs can be assumed to be continuous.

The indexing can be changed on the “user” page.