Multiple Sensor question


Hello everyone. I have searched extensively and read threads on multiple sensors but I am unclear on whether multiple sensors increases accuracy or decreases noise or what does it do exactly. I read in another thread about the sensors not being aware of each other. Does this work like IPIsoft or is it different with multiple sensors. I have tried the trial and am considering a paid version but I would like to understand this first. I have a Kinect for 360 and a Kinect V2.

Thanks everyone


Multiple sensors don’t increase the accuracy of skeleton tracking or anything like that. Each of them processes their own depth / color feeds independently and outputs the result to NI mate. You can use multiple sensors to capture data from a larger area by, for example, pointing the sensors in different directions.

If you have multiple sensors facing the same direction you should note that they will interfere with each other. This is due to the infrared grid being fired by both sensors and them each then not being clear on which grid is projected by which sensor. This will apper as increased noise in the depth data.


Thank you so much for the quick reply. Is increased accuracy from multiple sensors something that could be implemented in future Ni Mate releases or is it not possible? Thanks again.


The sensor tracking is pretty much independent from NI mate, and is not something that we are likely to implement ourselves in the future. This is a research problem that would require such a large amount of work that we simply don’t have the resources for it at this time.