My rig is backwards when attempting copy rotation

Hello Ni Mate!
I have a problem. I followed your instructions and seems everything is working well in Blender! But there is a problem. When I attempting to apply bone constraint “copy rotation” of the torso to the my rig it will rotate the model backwards, upside down or it lays the model flat on its face/back.
I spended a week to find our how to fix it. No clue at all. Please, can you help me? I can give you my .blend with my rig. I dont want to change Y of my rig, because in game animations will be broken.
Thank you.

This can probably be fixed by playing around with the invert flags of the copy rotation constraint: If your model moves backwards, invert one of the axis. If your model moves along the wrong axis, try changing the order in which NI mate outputs the orientation data by playing with the OSC parameters tags:

For example, to flip the Y and Z axis rotation, write in each field: /Left_hand {X} {Y} {Z} {OW} {OX} {OZ} {OY}, using the respective joint name for that box on the skeleton tracker page.

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I’m little confused. I get it, where to input my cordinates in ni mate program. But I don’t understand, what coordinates I should input for Y and Z, so my Rig would look on me, instead of standing backwards. I tried writting different coordinates, but location of my rig is not right. Can you help me, please?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to give per-project help. Retargeting the data on a rig can take some trying to get right. I’d recommend that you try first with a simpler armature, trying to map it to the data that you get from NI mate, perhaps even building the armature to match the incoming data so it directly faces the right way. Once you have that working, it should be easier to figure out what’s off with your current constraints.

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