Need a base skeleton for Maya


Hi! I would need a basic skeleton to use Ni Mate on Maya, on blender there are tutorials to use Ni Mate from a to z and have a skeleton that can be used on a 3D model.
I have locators in Maya but I can’t use them with a skeleton…

If anyone has a solution, please help me!


Hello Samuel, try Remington’s skeleton with exporting to Maya via FBX format from blender. And make some tweaks to it in Maya. Hopefully it will works for ni-mate kinect v2.


Hi! Thank you for your answer! But unfortunately it doesn’t work… At least I don’t know what to do to make it work. I import the FBX file into Maya but the skeleton is no longer attached to the locators so it doesn’t work.


Is it working in blender? Have you tried with kinect v2 with Remington’s rig ? Is Ni - mate works with your Maya version?


Hi! I’m having the exact same issue. Works in blender fine, but I work primarily in Maya. Exporting works fine after fixing the scale of some things, but nothing connects


I don’t need a new skeleton if I can just get this to work. I’m also down to make my own so am about to explore that. but regardless…


Yes it works in blender, I have the kinect v2 and yes the plug-in works with maya it’s just that I can’t connect the locators to a skeleton in maya.


Sorry for late reply. I am purely blender user. Don’t have any knowledge of Maya. Best advice is YouTube.