Need Help with Triggers in Blender Game Engine


Hello. I’ve been wanting to use Ni-Mate in conjunction with the Blender Game Engine, to create an interactive, educational game for a school project. The problem is that me and mt partner have been having extreme difficulty finding documentation of the use of Ni-Mate in the Blender Game engine. Can anyone lead me to some documentation or explain how to detect Ni-Mates input such as triggers and skeleton stacking within the game engine?

Thanks, Blah



We don’t have any documentation for Blender itself. The NI mate documentation can be found here: Documentation: Table of contents

For Blender Game Engine, you’ll want to parse the incoming OSC messages much like the NI mate plugin itself does:

As an example on how to write a BGE script for processing the data, look into the RealSense Blender Conference demos: Blender Conference 2015 RealSense demos and slides available. As a starting point, the “hands” demo has a simple script that creates 3D objects around arriving hand skeleton points.