New lower price for Z Vector


Starting from 19th of April 2018, Z Vector will be permanently priced at 180€ + VAT (where applicable). Enjoy and do get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Stargazer not work under zvector touch


What are the license restrictions? For example can I rebind the license from one computer to another, that is if I have two computers and would like to use z vector on both (not at the same time of course), is that possible?


You must first remove the license from the old computer. This deactivates the license and allows it to be used on another computer. Alternatively, you can purchase more than one activation in the shop which allows you to use multiple computers at the same time.


Great! Is this the only restriction? Is the license not bound to one single Kinect? My worry is that if I would lose or break the Kinect, would I have to buy a new license?


The license is not related to the sensor device. Earlier Z Vector releases used a USB dongle licensing model where the licence was registered for a sensor device, but we moved to a computer UUID based system in the 1.1X versions.

There are no other restrictions.