NI mate 2.11 released!

2.11 is another hotfix release to address some issues that were introduced in 2.10. As usual, the latest version is available on the download page.

Changes in NI mate 2.11

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Controller Tracker no longer sending data.
  • Fixed a problem with the live feed sometimes not drawing after deleting and then adding a sensor
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Some internal changes to the architecture to address a few potential crashes.

Tout fonctionnais bien avec la version 2.09.
Avec la version 2.10 plus moyen de faire fonctionner;
Avec la 2.11 même problème.
Je suis sous windows 10, cela fonctionnaire bien avec la 2.09.
Il n’y aurait pas un moyen plus simple que de bidouillé à trouver une solution pour un bon fonctionnement.
Je ne suis pas programmateur. j’aimerais bien pouvoir effectuer quelques animations.
Vous en remerciant par avance.
Bonne journée.
Dans le téléchargement il y à un fichier (Prime Sense, PSDRV3) échoué.
La kinect s’allume au démarrage du programme…
Pas de vision (skeleton, 3D, etc. Noir de chez noir)

Everything works well with version 2.09.
With version 2.10 more way to run;
2.11 With the same problem.
I’m on Windows 10, this well with the official 2.09.
There would not be an easier way than hacked to find a solution for proper operation.
I’m not a programmer. I wish I could do some animations.
Thank you in advance.
Have a good day.
In downloading it to a file (Prime Sense, PSDRV3) failed.
The kinect illuminates when the program starts …
No vision (skeleton, 3D, etc. of black in Black)

If I understood correctly, you are unable to run both 2.10 and 2.11 with some sensor.

  • Which sensor are you trying to use?
  • The error about PSDRV3 suggests the problem could be the incorrect driver being loaded. Open Device Manager and try changing the driver used for your sensor device. (See the bottom of the original post in this thread: Why doesn't my Kinect for Xbox 360 work?)
  • Did you successfully install the sensor device driver? For Windows 8 and 10 you will need to boot your computer to a special mode that allows installing unsigned drivers. The instructions are in the sensor installer program.

Hey, I’ve recently downloaded NI Mate of my mac (running El Capitan), and for some reason it just crashes on startup? The Kinect is working fine in other programs… Do you any ideas why?

We still haven’t found a fix for Kinect for XBox 360 sensors on El Capitan. This is due to some changes to the kernel USB device handling that no longer works with the version of OpenNI we are using for the XBox 360 Kinects. We have some ideas on how to fix this, but for now we haven’t been successful in fixing the problem. If you absolutely require NI mate for your project, doing a full reinstall with OS X Yosemite should work.

Does NI mate crash if you unplug your sensor?

Also, please send us a crash report as that will give us more information about the crash.

Ah right, if you can find a fix that would be fantastic, as I need it for a project. I’ve got OpenNI now running using this method:
Yes, unfortunately it still crashes when you unplug the kinect. I’ve sent the crash report too…
Thanks for the quick reply, hope you can fix this soon!