Ni Mate crash at start up


I wanted to use NI MATE to stream Kinect data into Isadora for a performance.
I’m working on a Mac Pro with MacOS Sierra (10.12.6) installed.
After installing the free version to run a trial (v 2.14), the program crashes upon start up and doesn’t display the opening screen.
There is no problem for the computer to recognize the sensor, as I do get a data stream running Synapse.
Neither is there a problem with the Ni Mate download, as it does run on another desktop I have at home - iMac running Yosemite (10.10.5).
What could be the problem? Where should I look or change settings in order to get the software running on my professional Mac?


Does the crash reporter open? Could you send us a crash report?


Hello Jesse,

I will return to the workspace and have access to the computer only this friday.
I shall run the startup protocol and look for the crash log to send to you.
Would I be getting that from the Console program in MacOS?
Or from NI Mate itself? - as I remember not getting any when I tried previously.



The crash reporter should automatically start, unless something is preventing it from launching. You can manually start it by right clicking the NI mate application bundle -> Show package contents -> Contents -> MacOS -> Delicode_Crash_Reporter. Then browse to the latest crash by keeping an eye on the date.


Hello Jesse,

Getting back to you with my problem.
Apparently, there doesn’t seem to run any start up protocol at all.
Opening up the Delicate_Crash_Reporter from the programs package contents, opens only the crash reporter, but there is no log, not even when I try to open the program (as nothing happens…)
I looked in the crash reports of my Mac Pro and found several inside the Console application.
I will send you this file, as it is the only information I have for now.
Could you tell me if it makes sense to you and what could be a solution?
Thanks in advance.


That log is telling one of the Qt libraries is not included in the bundle. This would suggest something in the application bundle has been corrupted or lost - does reinstalling NI mate fix this?