Ni mate crash.(well IDK)


Hello, first time using ni mate I use Kinect 360. when i plug it, then i start it. the program launches,it says starting user interface. i see the small bunny icon on my taskbar i try to click it but then it disapears. and i can’t see the user interface. HELP!


Could you submit a crash report?


No crash report. i just see the spash screen and then it disssapears. the crash reporter should open but in this case i don’t see it so it means it’s technically not a crash.


By default, NI mate opens minimized to the system tray. Do you see the NI mate icon there? You can access the main UI by selecting “control interface” from this tray menu.


No. it dissapears once i go to the system tray.

  • Does NI mate also crash if you start it without the sensor being connected?
  • Do you have multiple graphics cards on your system? That is, integrated Intel GPU + NVidia discrete GPU or something like that?
  • Try opening the crash reporter manually by entering the NI mate install directory and launching the crash reporter executable in there. You will probably find crash reports there - browse to the latest one and send it to us.

When i open the crash reporter manualy its on gray. Well my pc is low end. a intel celeron. Could i get a list of system requirements? Thank you.


A celeron processor might not possess some features which NI mate is built to utilize, and could well simply end up crashing without the crash reporting having a chance to launch.Which Windows version are you using?

Turns out we don’t list minimum system requirements anywhere. These must have been lost when we redesigned the NI mate site a few years ago, and they never came up. However, you should be fine with a CPU that’s more recent than 2010 and a medium tier graphics card, if you decide to use Spout/Syphon. NI mate does not use much memory and can probably work with 2GB.

The main slowdowns in NI mate come from the processor and USB bandwidth. If you need Kinect v2, then you’ll want a beefier GPU as the GPU is used for processing the sensor’s data.