NI Mate crashes on startup

NI mate crashes after I start it. It appears in the tray for a brief second, and then disappears. I have tried with my sensor connected and without. I don’t believe I have more than 1 GPU on my laptop. I am using an HP Pavilion with Geforce MX250. Here is the log when I open NI mate after a crash:

20:19:04.561 Starting NI mate 2.14 (r87ef8f2)
20:19:04.561 Ensuring single instance.
20:19:04.859 Setting up application font.
20:19:04.869 Applying application style sheet.
20:19:04.870 Crash reports will be saved to: C:/Users/jayko/NI mate
20:19:07.672 Verifying licence:
20:19:08.085 - no licence found
20:19:08.085 - Showing licensing box.
20:19:09.377 - Continuing from the licensing box as a Free user.
20:19:09.377 Starting splash screen.
20:19:09.392 Looking for sensor devices:
20:19:09.978 - Xbox Kinect (model 1414)
20:19:10.528 - found 1 sensors
20:19:10.859 Creating sensor processor 0.
20:19:11.098 - creating preferences
20:19:11.312 - loading preferences
20:19:11.416 Configuring main interface:
20:19:25.598 - creating tray icon
20:19:25.725 Adding pages for 1 devices
20:19:25.728 Log1 NI mate didn’t shut down properly last time. View the last startup/shutdown log: C:/Users/jayko/AppData/Local/Temp/Delicode_Logs/Delicode_NI_mate__2021_03_25__13_52_51.log
20:19:25.739 Log0 Qt WebEngine ICU data not found at D:/Qt57/5.7/msvc2013_64/resources. Trying parent directory…
20:19:25.739 Log0 Qt WebEngine ICU data not found at D:/Qt57/5.7/msvc2013_64. Trying application directory…
20:19:25.739 Log0 Installed Qt WebEngine locales directory not found at location D:/Qt57/5.7/msvc2013_64/translations\qtwebengine_locales. Trying application directory…
20:19:25.752 Log0 Qt WebEngine resources not found at D:/Qt57/5.7/msvc2013_64/resources. Trying parent directory…
20:19:25.752 Log0 Qt WebEngine resources not found at D:/Qt57/5.7/msvc2013_64. Trying application directory…
20:19:25.874 - finalizing tray icon
20:19:25.896 - saving default project
20:19:25.896 Saving project: default
20:19:25.915 Loading profile: default
20:19:25.919 Current sensors:
20:19:25.919 Loading sensors: 1
20:19:25.919 Current indices:
20:19:25.919 Loading indices: 0
20:19:25.919 Checking what needs to be done with profile sensor 1/1
20:19:25.919 Searching for a suitable device in 1 devices:
20:19:25.919 Log1 device status is 1
20:19:25.919 Log1 family 1
20:19:25.919 Sensor 0: type matches
20:19:25.919 current sensor index free
20:19:25.919 unused, taking to use
20:19:25.919 See if we need to delete some sensors
20:19:25.919 Sensor 0: profile index assigned
20:19:25.919 Taking sensor to use: 0
20:19:25.932 Starting sensor processing thread.
20:19:26.125 Log1 Spout server 1.1 initialized in DX11 mode.
20:19:26.125 Initializing Spout server 1.1: succesful.
20:19:26.206 Log1 Spout server 1.2 initialized in DX11 mode.
20:19:26.206 Initializing Spout server 1.2: succesful.
20:19:26.259 Log1 Starting input 1: Kinect for Xbox
20:19:26.312 Log1 Input 1: Creating QApplication
20:19:26.332 Log0 QOpenGLWidget: Already initialized, setting the format has no effect
20:19:26.340 Adding sensor page
20:19:26.376 Log1 Input 1: Using shared memory for data
20:19:26.376 Log1 Input 1: Feed transmission is enabled
20:19:26.378 Log1 Input 1: OpenNI sensor
20:19:26.380 Log1 Input 1: initting websockets
20:19:26.380 Log1 Input 1: connecting straight to: localhost:22223
20:19:26.382 Log1 Input 1: websocket connectingstate
20:19:26.384 Log1 Input 1: No websocket available yet, so sending message at a later time
20:19:26.384 Log1 Input 1: waiting for response
20:19:26.468 Adding OpenNI pages

Could you use the crash reporter to send us a crash report? It should pop up when NI mate crashes. You’ll have to insert a valid email address in the form for the crash report to go through.

I’m not getting a crash report, sadly. I do get a message when I try to start it again, which links to the text I posted above.

The fact that NI mate gets all the way to adding the sensor pages would suggest the issue is with either the sensor device functionality or graphics rendering. Since you said NI mate does not start without a sensor either, I’m inclined to believe something in the Qt graphics system is not working. Could you try updating your GPU drivers and see if that helps?