NI mate pricing to change August 13th 2018


Dear NI mate community, having run a subscription based licensing scheme for a number of years we’ve come to the conclusion that the increased managerial overhead created by this model makes it unsuitable for a relatively niche software product such as NI mate. Therefore we’ve made the decision to change the pricing and licensing scheme for the product.

From August 13th 2018 onwards, NI mate will be available for a one-time, per seat licensing cost of 180€ (prior to taxes where applicable). The price includes one activation and any possible (if any, the software is sold as-is) updates of NI mate V2. We do offer continued forum and email support for NI mate for the time being. We are simultaneously concluding the licensing for NI mate V2 Basic and focusing on a single NI mate V2 (Pro) license experience.

We are going out of our way to reach out to all licensees: individual users past and present who have spent money inside the NI mate V2 store (which opened August 2015) will receive a 50% discount coupon for the purchase of a single permanent license.

  • Please note that any coupon is personal and cannot, under any circumstances, be converted to cash.
  • Any ongoing yearly Pro and Basic license will remain valid until the end of the current subscription term. After the 12th of August 2018 no new subscriptions can be made.
  • All remaining monthly and yearly subscriptions will automatically stop renewing by the end of December 2018. If you would like to purchase and switch to using a permanent license prior to this, please remember to unsubscribe your existing license through the NI mate shop.

All related information is going out to users in two separate emails during August 2018. The actual coupons and upgrade offers to all users will be going out via email on August 13th.

We thank all licensees, past, present and future and sincerely hope that this change does not cause any inconvenience to any of you.

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After a short research this seems to be the only viable and straight forward way to get osc data from 3d sensors on MacOS so I think it wouldn’t be unthinkable to setup a donations system since there are surely many people using the free version who would love to support you guys keeping up with the updates but can’t or simply don’t need to pay the lump sum of €180.

Perhaps it’s a naive idea, but just wanted to put it out there : )