Ni mate pro or brekel pro body 3?


I want to use the characters generated by character creator 3 in blender because they look cool. I can’t buy the perception neuron : its too much expensive for me. I can only use the kinects that I have,the 1 and the 2 version. So now,I’m unsure about what to buy for making the mocap of the body : brekel pro body 3 or ni-mate pro. The rebus can be solved if someone is so curious and adventurous to buy the nimate pro and make a tutorial. On youtube I found some good tutorial for understanding the workflow of the brekel pro body,but there are few tutorials on nimate,0 for nimate pro. To take a decision I need a good tuto. In particular I would like to learn :

  1. which armature to choose
  2. which rigging system (auto rig pro will be wonderful)
  3. how to make the retargeting
  4. how to setup the 2 kinects that I have (1 and 2)

Will be also cool if you want to explain what u prefere between ni mate pro and brekel pro body 3 and why. I can also pay some money for a tutorial like this.

For this type of work the free version of NI mate should work fine. You shouldn’t need the features of the pro version.

NI mate is end-of-life as a product and we don’t have further plans to add tutorials or learning resources.

Questions 1 & 2 are a bit linked as you probably would like to use an armature created for motion capture, not for rigging or IK animation. This would mean the skeleton would need to built according to the data you get from NI mate.

Question 3 is a bit of a large topic and not something I’m capable of answering in depth.

Question 4: Multiple Kinects work destructively with each other. They use structured light (infrared projection pattern) that requires to be projected by only one sensor at a time. If a second sensor sees the projection pattern of another sensor, the sensor will get confused and produce invalid data. There’s a way to alleviate this problem by attaching a vibrating motor on one of the Kinects which will shift this pattern slightly and make the problem a bit more manageable. In addition, NI mate does not have any multi-sensor support for motion capture - the data from each sensor arrives independently without any connection to the other sensor.

according to what says jasper brekelmans : “Using multiple sensors helps by seeing a person from multiple viewpoints, for example a single sensor won’t be able to see the side of a person due to self occlusion, an additional sensor can fill in those gaps” ; I assume that using two sensors is a good idea even if u says that it could be problematic. I don’t understand anyway,why we can buy the pro versions,that allows to use two sensors at the same time,but doing this will be problematic ? so,why the pro version has been put in the market ?

I don’t know how Brekel does its body tracking, but the system used by NI mate is independent for each sensor and does not handle the case where a person stands sideways towards the sensor.

The free version of NI mate allows outputting skeleton data (or any other data) over OSC or MIDI from only one sensor at a time. The other limitations are listed on the buy page here under the detailed comparison.