Ni mate starts three processes using nearly 200% CPU on osx


The subject of the post says it all.
I installed ni-mate on my Macbookpro with a 2.7Ghz i7 processor and a Nvidia GT650M with 1Gb memory, using osx Sierra.
When I start Delicode NI mate and connect my Kinect V2, I can see three processes appear in the task manager. Two of them are called Delicode NI mate and one is called VTDecoderXPCService. Between the three processe, they use over 200% of the CPU and I was wondering if this is normal.

Any idea or suggestions ?



This is normal.

The three processes are

  • NI mate main process
  • Kinect for Windows v2 sensor program. This handles the communication to the real hardware and gives the data to NI mate main process
  • VTDecoderXPCService: A hardware accelerated JPEG decoder.

The Kinect for Windows v2 outputs the color feed at full HD with JPEG compression. NI mate uses libfreenect2 for handling the sensor, and libfreenect2 has several options for decompressing the JPEG image. In this case, it’s using the VideoToolbox API which spawns that high CPU usage process. Apparently this is not using hardware acceleration yet though, now that I read about it.

The JPEG decoding is largely “fast enough” in libfreenect2 right now, but hopefully there can be better hardware acceleration. Some of the performance research can be read at:


Hello Jesse,
Thank you for your reply and thorough information.
The way you explain it, it makes sense, although the bottom line is still that it is very CPU expensive. In my case, I am just interested in forwarding the depth map to a second software, and I guess I will need to find a better way to do what I want to do.