NI MATE stops working in Windows 10


I sent in a crash report already but I’m hoping maybe other users have had this issue as well and found a solution. Approximately 3 months ago I was using NI Mate on Windows 10 with no issues. When I went to run it today I just got a black screen after the license screen. I decided to try reinstalling NI MATE but this didn’t help. The first time I ran it I got to the license screen then the blue screen came up and it quit. Now nothing. Not even the license screen appears. When it worked I needed to run it with “High Performance Graphics Processor” . I tried that as well as running with the integrated graphics processor. I also tried running as admin. Still nothing shows up. I am wondering what could have changed in Windows 10. I sure wish this still worked in Linux :slight_smile: Anyway, I would appreciate any help getting this to work again.


OOPs Sorry I found it hidden in “hidden icons tray”. Strange how that was not how it worked previously. Also the program didn’t show up in task manager so I assumed it wasn’t running. Big apologies for setting off false alarms.