Ni Mate to Ableton not working


So I want to use Kinect v2 with Ni Mate connected to Ableton just like this video you made years ago: . But the Ni Mate v2 doesn’t have the solo selection on it, so the midi cannot be keyed to Ableton. I got lost on how to make the cc map recognized on Ableton, as the interface is a bit different.

Anyone can help me with this? If I have to v1.x then I won’t be able to use my Kinect v2 or RealSense R200.


The feature you’ll want are the “Triggers” Documentation: Triggers or “Controller tracking” Documentation: Controller tracking, the latter having the “solo” buttons. The UI looks a bit different, but the functionality should be identical.

The RealSense sensors don’t have these features in NI mate yet.


Yay, the midi can be keyed into Ableton!

But a new problem arises as after a music note triggered and played, it cannot be stopped. Weather by toggle off the circle or removing me from the camera view when using controller tracking.

Not sure if this can be solved in Ni Mate or it’s a problem on the Ableton itself.