NI mate V2.0 released!

After spending over 1,5 years in development, our whole team is extremely proud to announce the release of NI mate V2.0. This release represents a complete overhaul of the original NI mate, released to the public way back in january 2012. We’ve written a whole FAQ post to cover the list of feature changes in detail.

We can’t give sufficient thanks to all the people who’ve helped us along the way either by giving us feedback or purchasing a license. A big thanks also belongs to the contributing members of our closed beta team.

While we’ve focused on developing the software, we’ve also done a complete restructuring of our website, forum, ticketing system, shop and business model. NI mate V2.0 is licensed on a monthly or yearly subscription. Licenses are also now given out per computer - rather than per sensor - base. After subscribing, you can de-activate the software on one computer and re-activate it on another at any time, for as long as you maintain control of both computers.

If you’re a holder of an existing license, we will be reaching out to you in the coming days with a generous offer to get you started with the new NI mate. Meanwhile get started now by heading to the download page. Also we hope you sign up to the new forum and let us know what you’re doing with NI mate!