NI mate V2.01 released!

It’s been just a week since we made V2.00 available for everybody, but as with every new release bugs are going to creep in there. Hence this release focuses on fixing as many of them as possible. As always just head to the download page in order to get this latest version.

Changes in NI mate 2.01


  • The user is now notified at startup if their subscription has been upgraded
  • Program startup is more responsive on OS X

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue on OS X with sensor downloads sometimes using cached copies of the downloaded file instead of getting a new version. In the new system md5sums are used to identify if the NI mate server has a more recent build available with the same version number.

  • Fixed a black square appearing during start up on OS X

  • QR code reader now works properly

  • Fixed a crash related to changing input source during recording

  • Fixed .nirec files being duplicated on project load

  • Fixed desktop shortcut icon on Windows

  • Fixed recordings sometimes being listed with .nirec extension in the Motion Recorder listing

  • Fixed some buttons remaining in wrong state on project change

  • BVH export now works even if the project isn’t saved

  • Fixed sensor record button sometimes remaining active after choosing a playback clip

  • Windows OpenNI2 sensor installer now contains some previously missing files

It’s working!

Looking forward to getting it going. Had it working on Windows fine.