NI mate V2.02 released!

Another week has gone by and we’ve been busy hunting bugs. You can now download NI mate V2.02!

Changes in NI mate V2.02


  • (On Windows machines) If Spout starts in memory share mode, NI mate will now give a warning about this and recommend switching off GPU texture share in case of issues.

Bug fixes

  • MIDI messages are now sent out correctly

  • 32-bit Windows sensor installers no longer incorrectly warn about an attempt to install 64-bit sensors on 32-bit Windows

  • French translation is no longer listed as available as it doesn’t currently exist

  • Some users experienced difficulties accessing the activation server and do downloads on Windows machines. NI mate now includes SSL libraries with the installer, which should solve the issue

  • NI mate 2.00 placed a DLL incorrectly in the OpenNI2 sensor directory on Windows. This version will remove the file if it still exists

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