NI mate v2.03 released!

NI mate 2.03 is another bug fix release, mostly solving a bunch of relatively major issues that appeared for a number of OS X users. In addition, a problem with unedited OSC paths was fixed. You can download the latest version from our download page.

Changes in NI mate 2.03


  • Failed network requests now display an additional info box with more details about the problem.
  • Help menu -> “Manage licence” now lists subscription expiration date

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Controller Tracker not sending out OSC data for default paths. Some other components were affected by this as well.
  • Fixed a crash related to the high resolution / high speed mode on OS X
  • Fixed sensors sometimes not restarting with CPU texture transfer on OS X
  • Fixed a crash happening if large quantities of log messages were being sent to the log window for extended periods

Known issues

  • Sometimes sensors fail to work on OS X after installing them via the setup page. This is caused by file permissions not always updating properly while NI mate is running. To fix this, restart NI mate.

I have install NI mate V2.03 on windows 10, but it crashes every time start it, so it does´nt work, the crash screen said “Unfortunately for some reason no crash report could be generated”, so I have no idea what the problem is. Do you have any know ideas why is this happening and can can it be fix?


You could try deleting the previous version first by using the uninstaller. This sounds like some files were not copied to your install directory properly. In addition, try starting NI mate without any sensors connected.