NI mate V2.04 released!

NI mate version 2.04 fixes a few more bugs that were introduced with the release of NI mate version 2.0. In addition, the plugins have been made backwards compatible with NI mate 1, so you should download the new versions from our download page if you use the old NI mate. Read more at Bug fixed in Blender and Cinema 4D plugin versions 2.0

Changes in NI mate 2.04


  • Outgoing OSC sync frames are no longer logged to reduce log flooding

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the OSC messages on the user page not being sent out
  • Fixed hand data being outputted over OSC if the hands have been disabled on the skeleton tracker page
  • Having live feed as ghost no longer causes triggers to always draw on the Spout/Syphon live feeds
  • QR codes now get properly sent over OSC
  • QR code IP / port customization now works
  • Trigger type “Around” has been removed as it no longer exists in NI mate 2


  • Fixed Cinema4D plugin not scaling the joint list properly
  • Fixed Blender plugin not working with NI mate 1
  • Fixed Cinema 4D plugin not working with NI mate 1

Known issues

  • Sometimes sensors fail to work on OS X after installing them via the setup page. This is caused by file permissions not always updating properly while NI mate is running. To fix this, restart NI mate.

We have noticed a crash in the version 2.04 related to the ghost rendering. This will be fixed during next week. For now, if you experience crashes we recommend you use the version 2.03: