NI mate v2.06 released!

Some remaining MIDI and OSC issues were addressed in this hotfix. A few additional bugs have been reported, but they didn’t make it for this release. Investigation into their cause continues. Blender and Cinema 4D plugins must be updated by downloading them from the downloads page.

Changes in NI mate 2.06

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with using multiple MIDI outputs to the same output device with multiple channels always sending the messages to one channel.
  • Fixed MIDI channels being read from the preferences with channel numbers off by one.
  • Trigger OSC paths are now prepended by a forward slash to comply with OSC specification
  • Sync messages are now prepended by a forward slash, fixing issues with some software.


  • Fixed Blender plugin Position + Orientation data not working for orientations.
  • Blender and Cinema 4D plugins updated to work with the new sync message format. Old plugins won’t work with NI mate 2.06.

Known issues

  • Sometimes sensors fail to work on OS X after installing them via the setup page. This is caused by file permissions not always updating properly while NI mate is running. To fix this, restart NI mate.

  • Project files are not properly loaded using the --project command line argument

  • A rare crash happens on some systems with the Kinect for XBox 360 model 1414 on Windows 8.