NI mate v2.07 released!

NI mate version 2.07

We’re proud to release NI mate v2.07. This release adds initial support for the new Intel RealSense F200 sensor (R200 coming later) with face and skeleton tracking as well as 3D scanning capabilities.

This release is initially available for only Windows computers.

Please note that the RealSense functionality may contain bugs that will be solved later.

RealSense supported

  • Face tracking: Landmark data is collected from the user’s face and used in solving Facial Action Units (FACS). In addition, landmark data is outputted over OSC to the 3rd party software of your choice.
  • Hand tracking: Hand skeleton tracking is supported. Tracked joints include the palms, metacarpals, proximal phalanges and distal phalanges.
  • Gestures: Hand tracking module also allows recognizing hand gestures. For now, 4 gestures are supported: Thumb up, thumb down, hand wave and button tap. More gestures will be added later
  • 3D scanning: The RealSense cameras contain powerful scanning facilities. NI mate allows scanning the user’s face and storing this data in .obj format.

To use an RealSense (F200) sensor in NI mate, please make sure to download and install the Intel RealSense runtime and the DCM for your sensor type (if not already installed):

Download the release:

Known issues

  • Some computers may experience issues if the RealSense sensor is used concurrently with another sensor such as the Kinect.

  • On rare occasions the RealSense sensor software may crash. In these cases, restart NI mate and see if the problem persists.

  • In case of other issues please submit a bug report in our support system at or use the problem reporter functionality in NI mate, available through the help menu. Please describe the problem as precisely as possible.

Today we have also released the OS X version of NI mate v2.07. This version update includes some fixes for a couple of bugs we found while working on the RealSense features. Note that the RealSense sensor is not available for OS X yet as there currently are no drivers that work on Macs.

The new release is available on the downloads page.

I want to download the version 2.07 for mac , can I have the link? i want try 2.07 and yosemite, thanks

NI mate 2.07 can be downloaded from here:

Thanks, this run very well :wink:

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Hi there. Previously you were using El Capitan. Did you switch back to Yosemite and did you try running V2.08 on that OS version?