NI mate v2.08 released!

After some delays, NI mate 2.08 is out! During this time we’ve been working on a number of open issues and some new features. Users on OS X El Capitan should see some improvements in using their XBox 360 Kinects, although the problem is far from fully solved. Investigation into these El Capitan issues continues into the year 2016.

Other changes you can expect from the coming year include support for the new Orbec type of sensors. This also means that next year we’re hoping to see the release of NI mate 2 on Linux.

You can download the new release from our download page.

Changes in NI mate 2.08

New features

  • Added live activations (limited to NI mate Pro users)
    • Allows a Pro licence to be shared between any number of computers, as long as the number of concurrently running instances of NI mate does not exceed your activation count (the amount of licences purchased for the used licence key).
    • Live activations are especially suited for educational institutions and other cases where multiple computers are sharing the same licence, and it’s impractical to move a limited number of activations from one computer to another all the time.
    • Live activation requires a constant Internet connection on the computer making use of the NI mate licence
    • Closing NI mate (normally) on a computer instantly frees the activation and allows it to be re-used on another computer. Alternatively, the activation is automatically freed after an hour.
    • The fixed licensing system can still be used as earlier and Pro licences can be switched from fixed mode to live mode and back on demand (instructions: 1) go to Help -> Manage Licences to free the licence 2) restart and reactivate your licence in a different activation mode). Important note: Basic licences are always thought of as fixed licences.
  • OpenNI 1 sensors (Kinect for XBox 360 models 1414, 1473, Kinect for Windows v1) sensor_test program now has a verbose option to print more debug log. Use the sensor_test_verbose parameter to see this.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Kinect for XBox 360 1414 starting very slowly on OS X El Capitan. This was caused by
  • Fixed Preferences -> System Information not displaying GPU information
  • Skeleton tracker no longer outputs fingers over OSC if the “Hands” checkbox is disabled.
  • Fixed Kinect for Windows v2 not properly saving Head OSC path
  • Crash reports weren’t always saved correctly due to write restrictions to application’s own folder. Now AppData/Local/... is tried before any other directory.
    • On Windows the possible folders are: "C:/Users/<USER>/AppData/Local/<APPNAME>", "C:/ProgramData/<APPNAME>", "<APPDIR>", "<APPDIR>/data"
    • On OS X the possible folders are: "~/Library/Application Support/<APPNAME>", "/Library/Application Support/<APPNAME>". "<APPDIR>/../Resources"
  • OSC input can no longer be bound to the same port as any OSC outputs. This could result in a crash earlier.
  • Projects are now properly loaded with the --project command line argument
  • Projects are now properly loaded after double clicking an .nimate file
  • Fixed two memory leaks related to adding and removing a sensor
  • Fixed log window displaying sent MIDI message channel in raw format instead of parsing out actual outputted channel.


  • Blender plugin: Added an example on how to evaluate Python expressions received over OSC

Known issues

  • On OS X El Capitan, some sensors may experience crashes. This is caused by changes in how OS X El Capitan detects USB devices.

I download and try this version, but with my configuration don’t run good.
I have Macbook Pro i7, xbox knect 1414, running with El Capitain
After 10 second the sensor goes off and not restart, and if i set skeleton box, on crash application instantly.


12:40:43: Starting input 1: Kinect for Xbox
12:40:43: Input 1: xnUSBInit()
12:40:43: Input 1: Starting live sensor: PrimeSense SensorKinect
12:40:49: Input 1: file texture sender initialized at /var/folders/9x/1glm3b0j1y5bsqyyv63h08kw0000gp/T/
12:40:49: Input 1: Using CPU for shared textures.
12:40:49: Input 1: file texture sender initialized at /var/folders/9x/1glm3b0j1y5bsqyyv63h08kw0000gp/T/
12:40:49: Input 1: Using CPU for shared textures.
12:40:49: Input 1: Startup succesful
12:41:08: Input 1: Error with updating sensor data.
12:41:08: Input 1: Sensor update failed.
12:41:08: Input 1: shutting down sensor
12:41:08: Input 1: set led
12:41:08: Input 1: xnusbclosedevice
12:41:08: Input 1: xnusbshutdown
12:41:08: Input 1: shutdownusb done
12:41:08: Input 1: g_context.shutdown
12:41:08: Input 1: sensordevice shutdown
12:41:08: Input 1 quit normally.