NI mate v2.10 released!

Changes in NI mate 2.10

This release adds some additional features for hand tracking for RealSense F200 and Leap Motion. In addition some bugs were fixed, most importantly a randomly occurring crash on OS X. Get the release from our download page.

New features

  • Added Controller Tracker for Intel Realsense and Leap Motion. Can output the following values:
    • Hand position (x, y, z)
    • Finger tip distances to palm
    • Hand orientation (pitch, yaw, roll)

Bug fixes

  • Fix for crashes happening at various points since 2.08, especially on OS X
  • Fixed RealSense F200 skeleton tracker mistaking left hand for right and vice versa.
  • Fixed RealSense F200 hand tracker being drawn mirrored.
  • Fixed RealSense F200 not being able to detect two hands concurrently.
  • Fixed Gestures not being collapsible on the controller tracker page.
  • Fixed MIDI solo buttons not working.
  • Fixed hand tracker finger joints being sent out if at least one of the finger OSC path fields had a value in it. Now OSC is no longer outputted if even one of the finger name fields is empty. This allows disabling all output for, as an example, for all left hand fingers and distal phalanges.
  • Fixed Leap OSC paths not updating properly
  • Fixed Leap example clip not working