NI mate v2.12 released!


With this update we add support for the Intel RealSense SR300 sensor and fix a whole bucketful of bugs. We have also been experimenting with a new build that fixes some of the issues Kinect for XBox 360 sensors have been having on OS X El Capitan, but these fixes didn’t make it for this release.

The new version is available on the download page.

Changes in NI mate 2.12

New features

  • Intel RealSense SR300 support added
  • RealSense sensor installers now include the required driver

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Leap Motion controller tracker UI page not displaying active users / number of people fields
  • Fixed Leap Motion constantly outputting active users / number of people over OSC / MIDI
  • Fixed a crash when using “depth to color” alignment with some sensors
  • Fixed ghost RGB alpha masking being upside down
  • Intel RealSense F200 & SR300 now use the updated RealSense SDK
  • Spout updated, bringing better support for especially Intel GPUs
  • Fixed Face Analysis data not working for more than 1 users at the same time
  • Fixed clicking “rescan” on setup page losing any running OpenNI2 USB device handles
  • Fixed some zombie UI pages occasionally remaining in the page tree list after starting NI mate
  • Fixed some sensors not working properly if sensors of the same family are also in use
  • OS X Crash Reporter now properly links to libX11
  • Fixed skeleton tracker’s palm joints not working if finger bone joint name fields are empty
  • Fixed dummy sensors being upgraded to real sensors causing the sensor to not start properly
  • Fixed sensor programs sometimes not exiting when a USB device is unplugged before the process has time to close the handle
  • Fixed 32-bit Windows build running out of memory address space. New build should work better with multiple sensors.
  • Fixed some OpenNI2 sensor devices sometimes being added twice to the sensor table on the setup page

RealSense SR300
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