NI mate v2.13 released!

We’ve now released NI mate 2.13, finally bringing support for Kinect 2 and RealSense devices on MacOS. A number of bugs had accumulated and were crushed in this release. The sensor programs were also changed a bit to require less of a hassle to install. The release is available on the download page.

Changes in NI mate 2.13

  • Kinect 2 support on MacOS
  • RealSense support on MacOS
  • Official Intel RealSense SDK switched over to the alternative librealsense
    • Too many issues with DCM versions and runtimes ended up being difficult to solve, and changing the library was the best option.
  • Added ability to use the alternative libfreenect2 for Kinect 2 devices on Windows (Allows using multiple Kinects at the same time, but has no face analysis)
  • Sensor programs now utilize websockets for control messages to and from NI mate
  • UI now scales on high dpi displays on Windows
  • Sensor programs are no longer downloaded via NI mate and are instead included in the main installer package.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash happening when a sensor fails to enumerate and another sensor has enumerated with an empty sensor id
  • Fixed a crash happening when invalid landmark data is sent to the OSC processor
  • Fixed a crash happening when certain double-escaped parameter tag functions were written for the OSC processor
  • Fixed the crash reporter not including all crash details on Windows 10
  • Assorted UI fixes
  • Potential fix for a crash happening on some macs with trying to load specific libraries
  • Potential fix for a crash happening on some macs with trying to open MIDI devices that no longer exist
  • Assorted OpenGL rendering related fixes and improvements
  • Fixed Z Vector interoperability not working with Z Vector 1.1x
  • Fixed Z Vector interoperability not working when not using GPU Texture Transfer
  • Fixed handling some start-up things when both NI mate and Z Vector are running.
  • Fixed a crash on loading a project with a name that is identical to an already existing project in the NI mate project directory.
  • Fixed .nirec files occasionally not importing properly, mostly on MacOS
  • Fixed a crash with activation areas referring to users that have been lost
  • Fixed some “Never show this again” options always being checked regardless of user input
  • Fixed assorted issues with project loading and handling project filenames


  • 32-bit support dropped
  • Leap Motion support dropped

Known issues

  • On some Macs the Syphon feeds may turn into the “test image” after 10 minutes or several hours. If you see this, please submit a bug report via the Help -> Problem report menu and include any details about your system (OS, CPU, GPU, connected sensors, project file…).

Hi Jesse,
this is great. So I will purchase a Kinect 2 for my iMac under Sierra (10.12).
One technical question though: it is not clear to me whether the Kinect 2 needs an independant power supply (if you habe no Xbox One like me). Can you tell whether we need that power supply ?
Thank you

Hi Gilles,

Answering on Jesse’s behalf: in order to work with the Kinect for Windows on any PC, you’ll have to acquire an adapter that also doubles as the power source (an example link:

Hi Ni-Mate, this last release don’t work. I press the icon of the app but the software don’t start.
I notate that I have a new file in my folder “crashrepor” in Lybrary. Can you help me?

I have a macbook pro mid 2010 i7 8gb 256ssd OS_10.9.5


Hello @ritmotre !

Could you open the terminal and try running NI mate from there? This is done with the command: /Applications/

Then include the terminal output in your response. If you have a case sensitive file system you may need to re-download the latest release as we noticed there were some issues with the latest build on systems that didn’t use case insensitive file paths.


I think I’m having the same problem - I click the icon, but NI Mate doesn’t load. Using the terminal command I get ‘Illegal instruction: 4’ as a response.



Could you include the full terminal output?

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

I’m not all that sure with terminal commands and responses so I have copied the full screen here:

ANDYS-IMAC-2:~ andyhurst$ /Applications/
Illegal instruction: 4
ANDYS-IMAC-2:~ andyhurst$

Interestingly if manually click the Delicode_NI_Mate executable in the package contents folder I vet this:

ANDYS-IMAC-2:~ andyhurst$ /Applications/ ; exit;
Illegal instruction: 4
Saving session…
…copying shared history…
…saving history…truncating history files…

[Process completed]

I hope that’s of some use!



Generally in case of an error like this MacOS should open the system crash handler and display the full error details. What kind of Mac are you using? Could you include some of the details from the “About This Mac” page (under the top left Apple icon)? Namely we’d be interested in what the processor is.

Hi Jesse,

Screen shot of the system info attached.



The processor in your Mac has a 64-bit instruction set, but it’s possible that since it’s a bit old something doesn’t work. One of the cryptography libraries used in NI mate makes use of some CPU feature probing, and it’s possible this is what causes the error. It’s a bit difficult to get an idea on what part of NI mate causes this illegal instruction without more details. We have a crash reporter in NI mate, but it seems like this crash happens even before the crash reporter is started.

If the MacOS error handler does not open (does it? If it does, please include the details from it), you could install XCode from the app store and run NI mate in a debugger. If you feel like doing this, it’s done as follows:

  • Install XCode
  • Open the terminal
  • cd /Applications/
  • lldb ./Delicode_NI_mate
  • type r -no-crashreporter and hit enter
  • Wait until the error happens
  • type bt and hit enter
  • quit

This might give a bit more light into the true issue at hand.

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for the help, I’ve just tried to run the commands that you gave me, but I get this:

Any ideas?


You’ll have to press enter after lldb ./Delicode_NI_mate, so that lldb (the debugger) starts and loads the NI mate executable. The next line, r -no-crashreporter is a command that tells the debugger, after it has started, to launch NI mate and start observing the program.

Finally killed one of pretty feature — Facial analysis which I :heartpulse: the most …:expressionless:damnnn I don’t wanna updrade and I will stick 2.12

how can i download older versions ? I have same issue “Illegal instruction: 4”

I added some links to 2.XX downloads in this thread.

Thanks a lot but same problems in 2.13 ver.