NI mate v2.14 released!


This update addresses a number of rather severe bugs that were detected in 2.13. Most notably, users should no longer see their licenses suddenly disappearing. In addition, we can’t either confirm or deny the existence of quadropedal extraterrestials in any BVH exported skeletons.

Changes in NI mate 2.14

Bug fixes

  • Disable quadropedal alien mode when exporting .nirec recordings into BVH with Kinect 2 + libfreenect2
  • Fixed torso orientation being computed incorrectly when using Kinect 2 sensors with the libfreenect2 mode
  • Fixed Kinect 2 sensors with Microsoft SDK using wrong FOV
  • Fix for a potential crash for user activation identifiers
  • Fixed text drawing scaling issues
  • Fixed controller tracker data being invalid
  • Fixed .nirec playback not working if the floor plane calibration wasn’t successful during the recording session
  • Fixed a bug where NI mate occasionally goes to “free” mode if a license is applied


  • libfreenect2 frame times are now more accurate
  • Windows installer no longer forces Visual C++ Redist installation if it already exists

Bvh export nimate 2.13

Hi. I’d like to know one thing. As I see NI mate is used to capture human’s movement to animate a 3d model. Can it or any other software be used with Кinect to perform a 3d scanning with it. I used it with Artec studio, and it gave me all I need, but trial period is over, and full version is too expensive for me. So I’m looking for a replacement. If Ni mate cannot do this stuff, maybe anyone can recommend me something else?



NI mate does not have any 3D scanning features included in it by default. The depth stream Kinect produces can be used for rudimentary 3D scanning in external software (via the Spout feed for example), but you would need to write some kind of a program to handle this data. The Structure Sensor is pretty easy to work with for some simple scanning and comes with some example software for iPads - you might want to look into that.


Nice, but Ni mate don’t start on my MacPro. Nothing appends.
Mac Pro (mi-2010)
2 x 2,93 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon
32 Go 1333 MHz DDR3 ECC
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2048 Mo

Ni mate works on my MacBook Late 2011, but I can’t use Kinect 2 because it’s USB 2 only on that MacBook.


This is probably the same problem as with several other users on a bit older Macs: Ni mate 2.13 not launching in El Capitan .We haven’t yet figured out why this happens, but generally this kind of error happens when the system’s standard library is missing something NI mate expects to find there.


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I am using MacbookPro mid 2010 running macOS Sierra Version 10.12.6, and facing the same problem!

Any updates on solving this?