NI Mate wil not start and disappears after the splash screen

Hello, I am new to NI Mate, and the program will not start for me. I have never used it before on any previous version of windows. I am a Windows 10 user on a 64 bit PC. I have already disabled the requirement that all drivers must be signed. Here is what is happening: After installation, it gives me the option to start the program. The screen that allows me to use the free version (that counts down from 30 and says it will open once it reaches zero or you can start it by clicking on it) appears, and I click it. The NI Mate splash screen pops up briefly, (and initially it would give me a message saying that it did not shut down properly last time, and it would ask me if I would like to recover the previous project [even though I had never started a project through it]. I am unable to quote it exactly, however, because for some reason it has stopped giving me the message.) and then the NI Mate icon appears briefly in the system tray, but then the splash screen and the icon in the tray both quickly vanish. I have tried to troubleshoot the program, uninstall and reinstall, run as administrator, unblock the program (through the properties tab), and somewhere along the way the message about a project not saving stopped, but I am still unable to open the program. The situation does not seem to be registering as a crash.was following Remington Creative’s “DIY Kinect Motion Capture Studio Blender” tutorial on YouTube. I am using a Kinect for Xbox One.

Any help would greatly be appreciated!

Hi Kylie. I am also a fairly new user of NI Mate, and hope I can help you. It sounds like you are experiencing something that I have also struggled with in the past.

After launching NI Mate, and selecting the free trial version from the pop-up window, it might appear that the program shuts down. However, if you click on the “show hidden icons” arrow in the bottom right of the Windows 10 Taskbar (near the clock, audio, and internet connection options), the NI Mate icon should appear in the small window that opens. Right-click on the NI Mate icon, and select the option that says “show configurator”, or something like that (sorry, I’m at work and don’t have my personal computer in front of me). This should open a NI Mate configurator window, and allow you to get started. However, sometimes the NI Mate configurator window opens, but it is actually sitting off-screen for some reason. In order to get it to appear on-screen, I have had to use the Windows 10 feature (windows key + left or right arrow keys) that lets you use your keyboard to move windows around (I use 3 computer monitors, and this still happens as if I had a fourth screen or something). It might help if you have another program open (like a web browser window; firefox, chrome, anything), and use [windows key + arrow key] to move that other window around to fit half of your screen. Then, if you still don’t see the NI Mate window on screen, press the Alt + Tab keys to view all your open windows, and select the NI Mate window. This should move the NI Mate window so that it now appears on your screen. I have had to do this routine many times when relaunching NI Mate.

Note: If my instructions actually work for you, and you can view the NI Mate configurator window, then there is an option in the NI Mate settings that says something like “open configurator at launch”. Selecting that seemed to help resolve the problem for me… I think. I hope that helps!!


Thank you so much for the response! However, while the icon does briefly appear in the taskbar, it always disappears right before my mouse is able to reach it, for some reason. Any other ideas?

You are correct, the icon doesn’t stay in the task bar. Instead, it can be found in the hidden icon pop-up menu in the bottom right corner of the task bar here:

Have you already tried clicking on the little “up-arrow” to view the icon menu? The NI-Mate icon should be in there, and will look like a blue circle with two bunny ears. If you see the icon in there, right-click on it, and select “Control Interface”:

This should then open the NI-Mate control interface window.
(If you do this, and don’t see the window on your screen, press Alt key + Tab key, and look to see if it shows an open NI-Mate window. If it does, then follow the instructions in my previous reply to get it to move it back onto your screen.)

If you are still not seeing the NI-Mate icon in the hidden icons menu, then I am not sure what else to do. Hopefully at that point the developers can help you out. Good luck!


The icon disappearing suggests this is a crash, and the crash reporter does not work properly.

The first thing to try is starting NI mate without a sensor connected. If this works, go to Preferences -> General and disable GPU Texture Transfer. Then plug in the sensor, apply the settings and restart NI mate.

Unfortunately, the same chain of events occurs without the sensor plugged in. Any idea why this would be?

Thank you again for trying to help! Sadly, while it does appear in the hidden icons menu, it disappears shortly after (and before I can click on it).

If your system has two GPUs, try starting NI mate after specifying each of them to be use explicitly. You can do this in the AMD/Nvidia control panels by specifying program specific properties.