NI Mate works on Mac Book Pro but NOT on Mac Pro


Hi there,

I have two systems a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) and two Mac Pros (Late 2013). All systems are running OSX 10.12.6.

The MacBook Pro have USB 3 Bus Ports
The Mac Pro’s have USB 2 Bus Ports

This is the only significant difference I am aware of between the two systems - otherwise they are set up the same.

I am able to get our Kinect 360’s (1414 models) to connect to the MacBook Pro but NOT the either of the Mac Pro computers.

On the Mac Pro The sensor is visible but when I click “use” receive these errors included in the Log below.

After restarting a number of times eventually NI Mate will crash.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

-Alex Oliszewski

13:18:41: No MIDI ports available for output.
13:18:43: NI mate didn’t shut down properly last time. View the last startup/shutdown log: /var/folders/hh/m29bj02n6kb7045pdkzn572822h95f/T/Delicode_Logs/Delicode_NI_mate__2018_11_01__12_46_39.log

13:18:43: No MIDI ports available for output.

13:19:35: Starting input 1: Kinect for Xbox

13:19:35: Input 1: Creating QApplication

13:19:36: Input 1: Using shared memory for data

13:19:36: Input 1: Feed transmission is enabled

13:19:36: Input 1: OpenNI sensor

13:19:36: Input 1: initting websockets

13:19:36: Input 1: connecting straight to: localhost:22223

13:19:36: Input 1: websocket connectingstate

13:19:36: Input 1: No websocket available yet, so sending message at a later time

13:19:36: Input 1: waiting for response

13:19:37: No MIDI ports available for output.

13:19:37: Input 1: websocket connectedstate

13:19:37: Input 1: Error with USB open: Failed to open the USB device!.

13:19:37: Input 1: Starting live sensor: PrimeSense SensorKinect

13:19:37: Input 1: Error with creating sensor device: Failed to open the USB device!.

13:19:37: Input 1: startlive failed

13:19:37: Input 1: shutting down sensor

13:19:37: Input 1: websocket closingstate

13:19:37: Input 1: websocket unconnectedstate

13:19:37: Input 1: client closed

13:19:37: Input 1 quit normally.


I replied to you over the support system. Let’s keep the discussion there and I’ll update this thread once we know what the issue is.


Is there any update to this thread?
best wishes