Nimate FPS in maya2018



My niMate window and bvh export are all good but the fps in maya in <10fps
The streaming data is for a reduced bone , no hands , basic + orientation stream
Am i missing a maya preference or setup? I tried things like view port 1 , no extra nodes or hidden bits…

only 1 character is the shot - 6k polys


Does this happen with an empty scene in Maya, or are you using a scene with existing content in it? The framerate can tank if you have complicated armatures moving with the data from NI mate, so it might be useful to know if an empty scene also shows these issues.


Its okay/good with a empty scene.
We’re shooting tmrw. So fingers crossed.

We’re going to try 2 options…

Chop up the model and parent the pieces

I’m going to try the same rig in blender.