No more Leap support?

So… I’m working on a long term interactive installation where I was planning on using two kinect 2.0’s and a Leap. I just purchased a year license only to discover that you dropped support for the Leap in 2.13. How difficult would it be to reincorporate Leap functionality in your next release? I use NI Mate to send control data to Isadora over osc. Is my only option to run a previous version inside a VM? Is there any software out there similar to NI Mate that still supports outputting the Leap’s control data over OSC?

It was a difficult decision for us to drop Leap Motion support, but we decided it would make more sense in to putting resources in to both developing and then maintaining the possibility of running multiple Kinect for Windows devices (something that was only introduced with version 2.13) on Windows and MacOS. While we never say never, currently bringing Leap Motion support back is not high on our list of things to do.

Meanwhile, here are few software that look like they might offer what you need out of the Leap:

hey VJMC - what version of Isadora are you using? the newest version has native LEAP support. no need to send OSC from the LEAP any more, just use the Leap Motion actor (if you’re still stuck on an older version of Isadora you can use GECO to stream OSC or MIDI out of the LEAP into Izzy.)

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