No Sensor Detected


Hi, I have a Xbox One Kinect camera, plugged into my 2012 Retina MacBook Pro USB3 port, running MacOS Mojave.

I cannot get the Kinect camera to show up as a detected sensor. I’m not sure if I am missing some crucial step in initial install, but any help from forum members or NI Mate developers would be great


Could you open the MacOS terminal and execute the NI mate sensor test?

  • Open the terminal
  • cd /Applications/
  • ./Delicode_Sensor_K4W_libfreenect2 sensor_test
  • Include the output in your reply


Dans-MacBook-Pro:~ danderksen$ /Applications/ ; exit;

Creating QApplication

No valid sensor found, quitting input (1)

shutting down sensor


Saving session…

…copying shared history…

…saving history…truncating history files…


Deleting expired sessions…none found.

[Process completed]


Could you open the system information tool and see if the Kinect is listed under the USB devices?


Hi. I’ve check the system report and it is not showing up there. If I unplug it and plug in my MIDI controller that shows up, but not the Kinect. The USB Power supply is an official one from Microsoft, the light on the Kinect PSU is green. But not showing up in system. maybe I’ll have to try on another computer to see if it shows up on their system