OS X test build for Kinect for XBox One and Kinect for XBox 360


For quite some time now OS X users haven’t been able to use the Kinect for XBox 360 sensor with much success. There are two issues with the sensor: The 1473 model has a bug in its firmware which our currently used sensor driver couldn’t handle, and OS X El Capitan updated the operating system’s USB device handling in some drastic ways. While working on NI mate 2.12 we did some early research into solving these problems by using the alternative libfreenect driver. In addition, so far the Kinect for XBox One / Kinect for Windows v2 sensors have also been available exclusively for Windows. With this driver using these sensors is possible for Mac users as well.

We now invite OS X users to try out an alpha build of this sensor program. Note that this build is about as bleeding edge as its gets - there are probably going to be a lot of crashes and bugs, but the sensor should run with its basic functionality.

Download the build here.

Extract the zip anywhere on your system and click the NI mate icon.

If the sensor program crashes (that is, NI mate stays running but the log window displays the sensor crashing), you can manually open the crash reporter by going in the NI mate app’s bundle folder and starting Delicode Crash Reporter. Then find the latest crash by keeping an eye on the crash date. Otherwise, to report any other oddities, use the “report problem” option in the “help” menu. The log window and all relevant information will be included in your reports, but it would be appreciated if you could write a bit about your current circumstances as well. Preferably, include the words “freenect alpha” in the crash report message.

###Known issues:

  • The setup page sensor listing will display “update available” for the sensor program. This is due to the current official release being 2.12, while this alpha is 2.13. Please ignore this update link.
  • The sensor may not start during the first try. If this happens, try starting the sensor again
  • The sensor will remain unresponsive if the sensor program crashes. In this case, unplug the sensor, wait a while, replug the sensor and try starting the sensor again.
  • Sometimes the sensor program crashes on exit
  • Sometimes the sensor crashes after running properly for a while. This is seemingly caused by too many USB packets being lost.
  • Kinect for XBox 360 may not work properly in USB3
  • Kinect for Xbox One may not work properly in USB2

Why doesn't my Kinect for Xbox 360 work?
Kinect wont work with mac pro on osx 10.11
Problems with getting Kinect to work with NI mate V2
Download error: https://ni-mate.com/release/2.13/Delicode_Sensor_K4W_2.13_Installer.zip
Why doesn't my Kinect for Xbox 360 work?
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Problems with getting Kinect to work with NI mate V2

Hi Jesse
I’ve been using v 2.11 on OS X Yosemite with an Xbox 360 model 1414 and experience no crashes. I haven’t updated to El Capitan for several reasons. I want to confirm whether the issues you describe would affect me if I upgrade to El Capitan, or is model 1414 not a problem?


We’re pretty certain upgrading to El Capitan will introduce issues with the XBox 360 Kinect. After this upgrade almost all our test Macs were unable to utilize the sensor. It’s only with libfreenect that we have been able to gain access to the devices at all.


I have had no problem running Xbox 360 Kinect model 1414 using Ni-Mate 2.12 with OSX10.11.4 El Capitan MacBook Pro with USB 2 bus


Where I can download the build 2.13 becouse link in main post is dead.
And with version 2.12 Ni mate display message that current version is not suport with Kinect v2.
Theanks for any help.


The link should be up again. Apologies for the down time.


It would be extremely interesting to get feedback from users of this test build. Is the Kinect for Windows support working out for you? Is your model 1414/1473 working properly with it?


JUst downloaded the alpha on my Mac Pro. It is struggling to start the kinect sensor. It gets hung up on starting


MacBook Pro (Retina 13 inch 2014) /8GB RAM / i5
macOS Sierra 10.12

Xbox Kinect One

  • App starts.
  • A tiny black window opens.
  • Open Delicode_NI_mate_Mocap_updated.blend
  • Run script and press “start”
  • Nothing happens.

What am I missing please.

Delicode NI mate Tutorials: Using Existing Blender Rigs

I responded to your question here.


Hi Trying to use this on my macbook pro retina (late 2013) mac os x 10.12

it installed well, but when trying to use a kinect for windows 2 sensor - i try and install the support for it. but thne i get a download error
its attempting to download from
it says server replied: page not found.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Please don’t use the install links inside NI mate - they point to 2.12. The sensor programs are included in the build, so all you should do is plug the sensor in and use it. The “Update available” messages are not valid.


in this case, then my sensor doesnt get recognised at all…i am using a kinect for xbox one with the adapter - plugged into a USB 3 port… any help?!? would love to get this to work


Could you include a screenshot from the setup page and the log page?


yeah sorry - i was mistaken - it does recongise it but it wont allow it to start.,

here is the two screen shots.