OS X test build for Kinect for XBox One and Kinect for XBox 360


second one as im still a newbie here.


Thank you for the information. For now you probably won’t get your K4W working on OS X, although it’s possible we can get some of these issues sorted for a later version. If you have a Windows computer available you should be able to use your sensor there until we can improve the Mac support.


Ah sorry to hear that, but i appreciate the quick response. - many thanks for that!


I am having the same issue as Rubicon_M Is there a new version in the works?


this build is working for me. first time i’ve got my kinect 1414 working on OSX 10.11.6. its not super-stable though. sensor range is still only 3m.


Hi NI-Mate Staff,
I’m a mac user (macbook pro 17’, mid 2010, maverick 10.9.5, I7, 8gb of ram) I’m writing you because NI-MATE 2.12 and 2.13 don’t work (crash during the startup). Could you please help me? because I would like to use your software with the Kinect Sensor in my Master Thesis in Music Therapy.

thank you very much for your support.
all the best
Luca from Italy


When the crash happens, does the crash reporter open? If yes, could you send a crash report to us?

If the crash reporter doesn’t start this might be a bug we’ve been hunting for a while, related to loading a specific library. With NI mate 2.13 we believe we may have fixed this, but it will require some testing.


Hi Jesse,
thank you for your fast answer.
For your info after the startup I have a window of Crash but the words are:

“Unfortunately for some reason no crash report could be generated”

here attached you can find a print window of the Delicode Crach report.

all the best


There’s not we can tell about this crash as the details are missing, so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the next version.
We’re working on NI mate 2.13 and can hopefully fix this problem in that release. We don’t yet have a release date.


Hi, am wanting to use this for Motion capture with Cinema4D, just confused as to which kinect sensor to buy?


If on Windows, Kinect for Windows v2 is probably the sensor with the best quality. We also have an OS X build coming for Kinect for Windows v2. Asus XTion Pro Live and PrimeSense Carmine 1.08 are really high quality and rarely have any problems. XBox 360 Kinects have some issues on OS X and USB 3 ports, but they get the job done.


Hi all,
I am about to buy a Kinect to use on Mac OSX 10.12 (Sierra) together with Ni Mate latest version (Delicode NI mate 2.12 (r58acadd)).
This is my fisrt Kinect and it’s kind of confusing what works or doesn’t work on Mac.
What are the different versions of Kinect and versions? Here is what I found on the web:

Kinect for Windows
Kinect Xbox360, old model number 1414
Kinect Xbox360, new model number 1473

What is Kinect for Xbox One ??

And most importantly what works best uner Mac OX 10.12 (with Ni Mate 2.12 of course).
Thank you


There are several Kinects:

  • Kinect for XBox 360 model 1414
  • Kinect for XBox 360 model 1473
  • Kinect for Windows model 1517 (looks similar to Kinect for XBox 360)
  • Kinect for XBox One model 1520 (also developer version of K4Wv2)
  • Kinect for Windows v2 model 1656 (looks similar to Kinect for XBox One)

In addition, there are non-Kinect depth sensors NI mate supports:

  • PrimeSense Carmine 1.08
  • Asus XTion Pro Live
  • Leap Motion
  • RealSense R200 (also called DS4), rear-facing camera on laptops
  • RealSense F200 (also called IVCAM), front-facing camera on laptops (seeing the current laptop user)
  • RealSense SR300
  • Razer Stargazer (Rebranded SR300)

The XBox 360 Kinects that you find for sale online are mostly the model 1473 which is problematic on OS X. The XBox One / Kinect 2 models are the next generation version and are going to be supported on OS X with NI mate 2.13 (release is pretty close).


Thank you @Jesse,
This is a nice up-date.
I want to do full-body MoCap. Can you tell, among the no-Kinect sensors, which one is more suitable for this and is supported on Mac OSX ?
Thank you


Hi. The only sensors that will offer any kind of a full body motion capture functionality are the Kinect’s, the PrimeSense and the Asus Xtion Pro Live. Leap Motion and Intel RealSense do not function for that use case.


Thank you @Julius,

  1. The PrimeSense Carmine 1.08 does’nt seem easy to fin danymore. From what you said, I suppose that the last 1.09 version is not yet supported by Ni Mate. Is that true?
  2. Pretty much the same for Asus Xtion Pro Live, not so easy to find on the web.
  3. which Kinects would you recommend (Mac OS 10.12, USB3.0) among thos you listed ?

Thank you

  1. Indeed the 1.09 (short range) is not supported.
  2. Indeed unfortunately very difficult to find these days. I’ve seen used ones go about on Ebay, but people who own these tend to keep them as they’re in some ways superior to the old Kinects (no need for a power supply, the possibility of doing 60FPS at a lower resolution).
  3. Personally I’d go for either the original (model 1414), which you can find for very cheap or, if I was feeling adventurous (in particular because we haven’t officially released support for it yet on MacOS), the new Kinect for Windows (gen2). The original is the safer bet.

Obviously your safest path would be loan one and make sure NI mate can give you the quality you’re looking for.


Hi Julius,
I am about to by a Kinect with the new release of Ni.Mate 2.13 which supports Kinect 2 under Mac OSX (10.12 in my case). Now what do you call Kinect 2:

  1. Kinect for XBox One model 1520 (also developer version of K4Wv2) ?
  2. Kinect for Windows v2 model 1656 (looks similar to Kinect for XBox One) ?
    Still quite confusing to me … I guess I have to purchase the Kinect for Windows v2 but I want to make sure thta it is what you call Kinect 2.
    Thank you


Hi Gilles. The model you’d be looking for is the Kinect for XBOX One with an adapter (example link: https://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Kinect-Adapter-for-Xbox-One-S-and-Windows-PC/productID.2233937600) to go.


OK thank you. So what is this “Kinect for Windows v2” ?