OSC Input enable Controller Tracker in NImate

I’d like to know if it’s possible to activate/deactivate ‘enable OSC’ of section controller traker remotely by an OSC message like /NImate/ControllerTracker/OSC 1 or 0


The settings name for this controller is enable_osc, and full path is: /NImate/0/enable_osc where 0 is the ID of the sensor, indexed from zero. This python program works for me:

from pythonosc import udp_client
client = udp_client.SimpleUDPClient("", 6999)
client.send_message("/NImate/0/enable_osc", 0)

It seems to toggle the field, whatever the second parameter is.

It works very good !!!
is there a list of all the commands that MI recognise?
So I don’t have to ask and disturb here?

Have a nice Day

Unfortunately there’s no easy list. You can find most of the internal controller names on Windows in regedit by going to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Delicode/Delicode NI mate 2/preferences, and on Mac there is a preferences file in one of the following paths (or something similar)


thanks for your answer
I’m on Mac
in $HOME/Library/Preferences
i’ve got :
com.delicode.Delicode NI mate 2.plist
but nothing interesting for me in them

in /Library/Preferences/
nothing like NImate2

so if I need another OSC path, I’ll be back here
But for the moment, I’ve got what I need, and all is working great

nice weekend