OSC Messages to Max/MSP


Hi all,

I’m having a difficult name routing messages from NImate to Max/MSP and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m fairly new to this but it seems I’m missing something in the naming conventions between NImate and Max. I keep getting the message “invalid message pattern does not begin with /” for the skeletal data. I’ve tried removing the backslash in my OSC route objects in Max as well as in NiMate but nothing seems to change. Any assistance here would be great. I attempted to include a screenshot but it is not letting me upload an image file.



Could you show show a screenshot of the NI mate UI with the OSC address fields? The error sounds like the address fields don’t begin with a forward slash. Ie, instead of Left_hand the address must be /Left_hand



The first screenshot is the messages im getting in Max and the second shows how I currently have the OSC messages configured in NImate. I can try adding the forward slash and see if that gets both talking to each other. Thank you!



Still not getting anything. Any other ideas of how to route skeletal data into Max? Screenshots are posted above




Did the error message change after adding the forward slash? Or do you simply get no reaction at all?




Again, thank you for all your help here. I make a break through and I’m definitely getting values into Max now. It was a matter of selecting OSCeleton in NImate and then using a few objects in Max to get the OSC messages. The problem now is that Max keeps freezing. I’ll get OSC data for a while and then the incoming x, y, z values in Max stop working and the program becomes unresponsive. Everything is still working on the NImate end. Here is a screen shot of the code I’m using in Max:

Any idea why Max might be having issues keeping up?



Unfortunately I’m not familiar with Max myself, and you should probably ask the Max developers about this. Maybe there’s something in receiving a large number of OSC messages that it doesn’t deal well with.