OSC Output. See or not See

Can you add a value to each joint in the OSC output whether the sensor sees this joint?
So if my arm is hidden behind my body, then I need a “False” for this arm to this joint.
So I can better write the script for dual sensors.

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Every time the sensor sees the joint its value is also sent out. If the sensor does not see the joint, no data is outputted. So the only way to figure out if a joint is visible is to see if the OSC output contains that joint

If I watch the outputs and add an if statement as to whether the hand was detected by the sensor, then the joint is always sent by the hand.
The OSC constantly sends the joints, even if they are behind the body.
But that is not a problem for me, so all joints are addressed and none are missing.

When I turn my back on the camera, a mirror effect arises.
Can I turn it off?