Possible to use NI mate to see Kinect as webcamera


Hi there,

I am using NI-mate since yesterday, looked the whole day on the internet struggling to get my Kinect working with an application called Lumo-play. I am just a beginner and wondering how to get this working at all.
This program (Lumo-play) just needs to recognize the Kinect as a webcam. It uses the webcam of my iMac now but it would be much better using the Kinect and its possibilities.
Can someone help me with this?!


I don’t know how Lumo-Play works, but at least the drivers we use with the Kinect for XBox 360 and Kinect for XBox One don’t support webcams as a protocol. Some of the other sensors such as RealSense and Orbbec Astra Pro expose the color stream over UVC which is directly compatible with some webcam software.


Jesse thanks… Lumo play originally is a AR software based on depth devices for windows. No they developed it to macOS but just in use with a normal camera. This is why I am asking. It would be great if I could use the Kinect because of depth possibilities. Is there a way to build a plugin?