Problem with C4D plugin!

Hello guys,
I installed NI-mate plugin in cinema 4D and also i connected my kinect to my macbook, the model is 1414 but it’s my first time that i want to do motion capture with kinect and i am abit confuse, is it possible someone do a print screen about the running of this plugin with open NI?

I appreciate your help


We have tutorials coming, but they’re a bit delayed as we’ve been busy wrapping up some other loose ends.

The general idea is to output Skeleton Tracker data from NI mate (with the skeleton tracker enabled) in the position + orientation mode. Make sure the ports match in NI mate and Cinema 4D. This should produce data in your Cinema scene. You can now connect this data on your rig by using PSR constraints, although you’ll probably want to use only the rotation channel for everything except the root joint (root should have position as well). After you’ve set up the rig you should be able to move around with the rig following you in the scene. Now you can use the record function in the plugin to do some mocap.

We have an old tutorial for NI mate available here:

The concepts are identical - the only difference is that the buttons in NI mate are in slightly different places.

EDIT: There’s also this one by Sam Welker:

Thank you Jesse for your reply, Infact i exactly followed the instruction but the problem is the movement of my character is not the way it should be, it’s a bit freeze… i really don’t know where the problem comes from !! I really need to see the new Tutorials for the new version of NI-Mate.

Could you take some video about the problems you’re having and maybe upload them on Youtube? It’s possible the problem is something minor that’s not properly set up and is easily fixed.

I don’t have a camera for taking video, i can take some screen shot of my scene. the problem is that my character in C4D doesn’t follow very well the movement i do front of the Kinect. For ex: when i put my hand down, my character in C4D will do it reverse( it will put the hands up).

My screen shot:

Could you save your scene and upload it somewhere? I’ll take a look at it at some point. The problem is probably solved by mirroring some rotation axis in the PSR constraint settings.

I can put it on google drive i just need your address mail for it.

For future readers, this problem was caused by a problem in the rig. Namely, orientations were being mapped with flipped axis.