Problems installing sensors


This topic is intended for people who experience some kind of issues with installing the components for some sensor device. When these issues happen, please verify the following:

  1. Internet connection works. NI mate downloads these installers from our server.
  2. On Windows
    1. Go in the application directory (by default C:/Program Files/Delicode/NI mate 2 and verify that folders called Delicode_Sensor_OpenNI or similar exist
    2. Verify that in that folder an executable called Delicode_Sensor_OpenNI.exe or similar exists
    3. Run a test by opening your command prompt
      1. Press windows key + r
      2. Type cmd and hit enter
      3. Type cd “c:/Program Files/Delicode NI mate/NI mate 2/Delicode_Sensor_OpenNI” (change the path based on where you installed NI mate and what sensor you were trying to install)
      4. Run the test by executing: Delicode_Sensor_OpenNI sensor_test
      5. When reporting problems, include the output from the command prompt
  3. On OS X
    1. Verify the files are in the application directory by right clicking Delicode_NI_mate in /Applications and choose “show package contents”
    2. Go in Contents/MacOS
    3. Verify that Delicode_Sensor_OpenNI (or similar) exists
    4. Run a test
      1. Launch terminal
      2. cd /Applications/ (use the path where you installed NI mate)
      3. ./Delicode_Sensor_OpenNI sensor_test (change the name based on your sensor)
      4. Include the output from this in your report.
      5. In the terminal, when inside the folder with Delicode_Sensor_OpenNI, also run the command: cd … && ls -laR > ~/nimate_log.txt
      6. Include the file nimate_log.txt in your report (it’s placed in your home folder)

If the installed files weren’t found in the NI mate directory, see if the downloaded file exists:

  • On Windows the file is downloaded to c:/Users/youruser/AppData/Local/temp with the filename Delicode_Sensor_OpenNI_2.00_Installer_win64.exe or similar.
  • On OS X, find the temp folder by opening your terminal and typing echo $TMPDIR . The install file should be inside this folder with the name or similar.
    • If the file exists you can install it manually:
      1. Open the terminal and run: cp $TMPDIR/ /Applications/ (replace OpenNI with the right type and the version number with the current version)
      2. cd /Applications/
      3. unzip
      4. chmod +x Contents/MacOS/Delicode_Sensor*
    • This is of course not a true solution to the problem, but at least it gets you using the sensor. Please submit a report on the forums if the installer doesn’t finish successfully.


Thanks. I will give this a try at the weekend.


Has anyone had success importing the bvh files into Poser Pro?