Problems starting NI mate on Windows 10


Don’t seem to be able to post new post. Trying out NI mate free. Nothing happens after flash screen. Tried re-installing several times. Any suggestions? Win 10

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Just trying up post count to be able to post new topic. Getting error msg trying to post in main forum.


The posting permissions are mostly gained by browsing the forums for a while, not so much by post count (I think).

I assume in this case the crash reporter doesn’t start? What happens if you manually start the crash reporter which is in the NI mate installation folder? If there are any crash reports, could you submit one of them?

We’ve seen some start-up problems on a few computers. The cause for one of these is known as a problem with hardware acceleration technologies on certain older Macs, and another is a potential graphics card driver problem loading the Qt graphics libraries. In some cases updating GPU drivers has solved the problem.


When I run NI-mate, splash comes up and fades out and then nothing. I ran the crash reporter directly and it’s empty.


Does NI mate shut down, or does it stay in the system tray? By default NI mate is started as a tray icon, and you can access the main UI by right clicking the icon and choosing “control interface”. You can change this behavior from the NI mate settings.


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it’s there in the tray


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