Program won't start


I’ve made sure everything is installed correctly. Running on windows 10 with a 1414 kinect. The program starts and the splash screen just sits there. I’ve checked for open dialogues and nothing.


Does this happen if you unplug the sensor device? Could you check if NI mate is using resources of any kind (CPU, Disk) via the task manager when it hangs?


Happens with the sensor unplugged. Uses 15% - 18% of cpu, 57mbs ram, and 0% disk.


This is definitely odd. At some point we noticed a particular pop up window appeared during the startup, but for some reason it didn’t appear at the front. Instead it was spawned under the splash window. This bug should have been fixed already, though. If this is case, you might be able to simply hit “enter” to okay the dialog if it’s there.

Are you using any anti-virus, and does disabling it help?

Did you install NI mate to the default location or somewhere else?


I get this sometimes as well. The blue splash screen sits there for about 10 minutes on ‘Starting User Interface’ before NIMate actually starts up. makes no difference if the sensor is plugged in or not.
The only way I have found to fix it is to delete the plist file (i’m on Mac - i don’t know where the license file is on Windows, but finding and deleting it might work) and then start up in trial mode, shut NIMate down, then re-enter my license next time it starts up.


Thank you for mentioning this. We’ll see if we can somehow reproduce this.