Purchase licence to use 2 sensors at the same time

Hello, I’m new to this forum. The discussions helped me a lot.

Okay… so, I have successfully connect a kinect 360 to ni mate, using blender to record the animation.

I know that to use 2 sensors, I will have to purchase a license.

I am wondering if 2 sensors will work in adjacent to improve tracking? or it is totally used for a different application?

maybe I’m just confused because under the ‘Ni mate game engine’ tab, there is an option to increase sensor numbers?

Please help, thanks


You can use two sensors at the same time with the free license, but you cannot output their data to Blender at the same time.

Two sensors won’t improve the tracking accuracy - they will decrease it. The time of flight cameras such as Kinect use an IR dot pattern that is projected from the sensor. The depth measurements are construted by detecting this dot pattern and observing its distortions. If two sensors are pointed in the same direction their patterns will overlap and the sensors won’t get as accurate readings.

You can use multiple sensors to track a larger area by pointing the sensors in different directions. This can be useful, for example, if you need to track people at two different areas of the room at the same time.