R200 NI mate integration


I managed to get the r200 installed and the live feed works, I was stoked with that to be really honest. The problem is I have no skeleton data. I also have no clue how to get face mocap working. So my question is has anyone ever managed to successfully use NI mate with an r200 camera for facial animation? I see all the adds for it working but that’s with faceshift and facerig. Neither support it now. I have yet to see my camera model working with NI mate for face mocap. I know liberalsense is a thing but I have no clue how to install that in NI.


The RealSense cameras have never done skeleton tracking, except for the hands with an older version of NI mate (2.12). We removed all the tracking features in NI mate 2.13 due to there being issues with the RealSense DCM runtimes and moved to only offering the live feeds via NI mate. If you need skeleton tracking, you may want to instead get an Asus XTion Pro Live, PrimeSense Carmine 1.08x, Kinect for Windows 2 / Kinect for XBox One or Kinect for XBox 360 model 1414 / 1473. I’d say that the ordering in which I listed the sensor’s is probably the one you’ll want to try them. The Xtions and PrimeSenses can be hard to find, but they’re the most robust sensors.