RealSense D Series support?


Hi there

Could you tell me whether you are planning to support the new D Series RealSense cameras?




We haven’t yet decided if the new RealSense cameras will be added to NI mate. The sensors use an entirely new SDK which requires some work to be adapted.


Thanks Jesse. I’m in a bit of a quandary, as the old ones are being discontinued, so it makes sense to invest in the newer models. Real sense :wink:


Hi Jesse, do you have any news whether or not support will be added for the D series?


Hello there - new to the software, but am looking to buy a license to use a little more professionally if the D series support is added… I’m still on back order for the units themselves, but very interested in going ahead with N I Mate if D-Series is supported.


I was stupid enough to buy a R200 recently, i had to borrow the money from my brother. i don’t even think it was ever integrated with NI Mate was it?


R200 is supported, and with NI mate 2.12 you can use the official Intel SDK tracking features if they work. See this thread for downloads.


Jesse You are a true scholar and a saint, The only thing ill add is that as per this post RealSense R200 sensor driver download error

it’s 2.13 i needed not 2.12 as 2.12 didn’t have it quite yet, and when i downloaded 2.12 i got that same error. Works like a charm with 2.13 though!! :smiley:



Now, I’m use version 2.14 it’s still not support Realsense D435,


Any news on realsense D series support? or plan to support?


I’m afraid we still don’t have any definite plans for the RealSense D400 series. There are several pretty large open issues with the cameras that still need to be solved.