RealSense R200 sensor driver download error



recently I bought the Intel RealSense R200 device and I would like to use it with ni-mate. So,I installed the tool “Delicode NI mate 2.12 Free” and I found that it does not work with the R200 out of the box. Infact,going under the setup tab,I see something like this :


  1. RealSense_R200 () Status : not installed

RealSense R200 Sensor download error : Error downloading - server replied : page not found

where can I get this file ? thanks.

RealSense D Series support?


The R200 sensor isn’t yet supported in NI mate. The program will find it and list it in the user interface as we added tentative support for it, but didn’t have the time to wrap it up for 2.12. It’ll be supported in 2.13 which is to be released probably this week.


What is the current state of Realsense integration? I get most data out of it but no skeletal information (I have the short range model).


We moved to the alternative librealsense driver in NI mate 2.13. Unfortunately this meant most of the tracking algoritmhs that were part of the official SDK were no longer available. As of yet we haven’t implemented any tracking for the realsense sensors, only offering the live feeds.